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  • Why Bundant is starting with cleaning and laundry products

    At Bundant, we have big plans to automate the shopping of all home essentials, but we had to start somewhere.

  • Who Are The Top Eco-Friendly Supermarkets In The UK?

    Have you tried going green whilst shopping at a supermarket? so have we! That’s what we’ve collated a round up of the UK’s top eco-friendly supermarkets in the UK.

  • A Guide to Pet Food Storage Containers

    When it comes to keeping food fresh, it doesn’t matter who it’s for – the important thing is making sure that it tastes great, day after day. Even more so when you’re paying for the best food available for your furry little friend!

  • How to Have The Ultimate Soiree

    After a slightly muted beginning, the ‘Roaring Twenties’ can properly begin to gather steam. Hosting a soiree is a wonderful way to celebrate… anything… with your friends. 

  • The Top 6 Green Cleaning Products

    The eco-friendly cleaning-product world has gone from strength to strength over the past decade or so, which is both great for the planet and for our health. Discover our top 6 cleaning products. Could make quite the gift set…

  • How Bundant saves you time (and money)

    We don’t know about you, but we’re continually looking for ways to make sure we’re getting the best bang for our buck, and make the most of the day. Take a look at how Bundant can help save some time for you (and potentially some ££ as well)!

  • Parenting Diaries: “It’s OK if your home looks like kids live there”

    Having kids can turn your house upside down as much as it turns your life upside down. We talk to fellow Bundanteers about how they deal with all the new household chores that pop up once you have kids.

  • Real Talk: How we try to improve our daily routines

    Nobody’s perfect, especially when it comes to our daily routine. Bundanteers share their stories of (attempted) self improvement when it comes to those chores we hate doing. Which stories resonate with you?

  • Our Favourite Storage Containers

    It’s time to take control over your pantry. Here are our top containers to store your kitchen and pantry products effectively while making it easy for you to refill and Bundant in your home.

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