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  • Why I Won’t Be Spring Cleaning This Year

    Many of us will feel the urge to participate in the annual ritual known as A Spring Clean this season, but this year, I will not be participating in this tradition and no, it’s not because I am lazy, or messy. Here are my reasons for not engaging in the spring cleaning phenomenon.

  • The Ultimate Pantry Starter Pack

    When it comes to your pantry, having a decent set up is key. Discover how to start and keep on top of things, whilst make sure that you’re never out of the essentials.

  • How to Have The Ultimate Soiree

    After a slightly muted beginning, the ‘Roaring Twenties’ can properly begin to gather steam. Hosting a soiree is a wonderful way to celebrate… anything… with your friends. 

  • Parenting Diaries: “It’s OK if your home looks like kids live there”

    Having kids can turn your house upside down as much as it turns your life upside down. We talk to fellow Bundanteers about how they deal with all the new household chores that pop up once you have kids.

  • How to Show your Partner you’re Tidy

    We’ve all been there. Your beloved thinks you’re messy, maybe you think they’re messy. Here’s a list of things you can do to show you’re both working hard on that humble abode.

  • 6 ways to get your kids to clear up

    It can occasionally feel tough keeping the house tidy with your partner, and they’re a fully-functioning adult (and maybe they are tidy!) so when it comes to keeping a sense of order with children, a helping hand is always welcome.

  • Chill Out with us: Enjoy The Perfect Playlist for Your Sunday Routine

    Whether you’re a fan of home decor, pantry organization, or simply need a break from the week, our new spotify playlist has got you covered.

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