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  • Who Are The Top Eco-Friendly Supermarkets In The UK?

    Have you tried going green whilst shopping at a supermarket? so have we! That’s what we’ve collated a round up of the UK’s top eco-friendly supermarkets in the UK.

  • Plastic Packaging We Can Do Without

    Say goodbye to single-use plastics by choosing unpackaged foods and using reusable containers. Many stores now offer zero-waste options, including fresh produce and store-cupboard staples.

  • The Top 6 Green Cleaning Products

    The eco-friendly cleaning-product world has gone from strength to strength over the past decade or so, which is both great for the planet and for our health. Discover our top 6 cleaning products. Could make quite the gift set…

  • 5 Arts and Crafts Ideas for Waste Packaging

    We’re keen advocates of zero-waste living and we’ve been putting our favourite recycled thinking-cap on and watching reruns of Blue Peter to gain inspiration to pass onto you. Enjoy!

  • How can Zero Waste Be Practised in Daily Life?

    Practising zero waste in daily life is an easy way to reduce our environmental footprint while also saving money! Discover 5 simple tips to start living a more sustainable lifestyle today.

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