organise your home like magic

Meet your very own housekeeper. Bundant saves you time and money whilst making sure you never run out of home essentials again. Here’s how it works:

Start with a Bundantband

Choose a Bundantband smart sleeve that matches your kitchen container. Attach your Bundantband and fill the container with your preferred products.

Don’t have containers yet? no worries! you can order some with us.

Connect to Bundant’s smart app

Connect your Bundantband to our smart app to track all your kitchen products. You can even set Bundant on autopilot, so you never run out of essentials again!

Save with clubBundant

Your membership includes our intelligent pantry tracking app, autorefill service and price-matched prices on your refills, with free home delivery.

smart scale in a sleeve that fits on your containers

intelligent app that tracks your pantry on autopilot plus clubBundant prices on refills with free delivery.



What products can I put in my jars?

When we launch, Bundant will work with all laundry and dishwashing products. However, we plan to expand quickly to other home essentials. Get in-touch to drop your suggestions of what products we should expand to next!

What jars does Bundant work with?

Bundantbands come in different sizes to fit on most standard pantry containers. Brands we cover include Ikea, Joseph Joseph, OXO and many more. If you don’t have an existing container, you can order a classic Glass Bamboo Jar with your Bundant Starter Bundle.

How many Bundantbands can I track?

You can track an unlimited number of Bundantbands with the Bundant app, so you can manage all of your essential products in one place. The app allows you to easily see what products you have left and restock them at the best price with free home delivery.

How much does Bundant cost?

Your Bundantband costs £28 but is included in your clubBundant membership. clubBundant costs £9.99pm* and this gives you access to our intelligent webapp to track your pantry on autopilot plus discounted member’s prices on refills with free home delivery. * Signup to Dirty Laundry get FREE lifetime clubBundant Membership!

How often will I need to charge my Bundantband?

Bundantband is powered by an internal Lithium battery. It comes with a 1 year battery life and you can recharge it quickly with USB-C plug.


How does Bundant track my use?

Bundantband contains a hidden smart scale that tracks the weight of the product as you use it. Our smart app shows you the remaining quantity of each product and you can Bundant on autopilot so it automatically orders refills for you at the best price, with free home delivery.

How are refills delivered?

When you need to restock, Bundant can automatically place an order for you and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can choose to receive your refills on autopilot, or on demand as needed. Delivery is usually by Royal Mail second class post.

How much is delivery per refill?

Delivery is free on all orders placed through Bundant, so you don’t have to worry about any additional charges.

How will you charge me for refills?

Bundant will automatically charge your preferred payment method when an order is placed for you. You can easily manage your payment information and order history in the Bundant app.

Can I give a Bundantband as a gift?

Yes, Bundantbands make a great gift for anyone who wants to manage their home essentials more easily and conveniently. You can purchase Bundantbands from our website and have them shipped directly to the recipient. The recipient will be able to create an account with Bundant and connect their Bundantband to it.


What's included with clubBundant?

clubBundant costs £9.99pm* and includes a Free Bundantband. Your membership also includes access to our intelligent webapp to track your pantry on autopilot plus member’s prices on refills with free delivery. *Signup to Dirty Laundry get FREE lifetime clubBundant Membership!

Do I need clubBundant?

Yes, a clubBundant membership is required to use Bundant. You can create an account online and start using Bundant’s product tracking and reordering service to save time and money on restocking your home essentials.

Can I cancel clubBundant anytime?

Absolutely, you can cancel your clubBundant membership at anytime. Our starter pre-order bundle includes 6 months* clubBundant membership. If you are unhappy with the starter bundle, you can choose not to continue your clubBundant membership. * Signup to Dirty Laundry to extend your Bundant Starter Bundle to FREE lifetime clubBundant Membership!

For orders outside our pre-order period, you can also cancel your clubBundant membership at any time. However since as your Bundantband is given free as part of your clubBundant membership, if you cancel your membership within 4 months of starting, you must return this Bundantband to us, undamaged and in the original packaging. Otherwise, we will have to charge your card for the full cost of the Bundantband (currently £28).

Once your membership cancelled, you can continue to use your Bundanband but you will no longer be able to track your products on the app or use our autorefill service to get the best prices on your home essentials.

Is your app on Apple and Android?

yes, our app is web based so you can access it on both Apple and Android phones.

Is the app easy to use?

Yes, we made our app super user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can easily see what products you have left and restock them in one-click. You can also set Bundant on autopilot to reorder your products at the best price with free home delivery. Our web app allows you to manage your payments, update your address and view your order history.

Got more questions? Visit our main FAQ page or get in-touch here to ask us anything.

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